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Lynnwood High School students march to the beat of their own drum

Lynnwood High Schools Music Program

Lynnwood High School students march to the beat of their own drum

Lynnwood High Schools Music Program
For hundreds of students at Lynnwood High School, marching to the beat of the drum is another day in the classroom – where learning to play music and giving back to the community is second nature.
LYNNWOOD, WASH. – Meaningful, entertaining, and gratifying. Those three words sum-up Lynnwood High School’s music program, according to High School Band Director Phillip Onishi.
Nearly 250 students currently participate in the high school’s music program. The program is comprised of concert bands, concert and symphony orchestras, two levels of jazz bands, jazz combos, pep band, choir, guitar, and world music.
“Our music program is different,” said Onishi. “Our students are diverse, the music we play is remarkable, and we have fun while doing it.”
“I love the music department at LHS because people from every spectrum of a social or economic background come together and relate through music,” said senior music department student Dillon Matthews.
The incredible work of the students and teachers in Lynnwood High School’s diverse music program stood out to Inspirus Credit Union, who wanted to share their music with the community. All ten ensembles that make up Lynnwood’s music program are now on display at Inspirus in Lynnwood.
“We invite the community to visit our Lynnwood branch location to see and hear the wonderful work the music students are doing inside and outside of the classroom,” said Inspirus Credit Union President Scott Adkins. “It’s amazing to see how devoted these students are to their classwork and music activities.”
Jazz band students begin the school day 6:20 a.m. practicing their music skills and then take a full set of classes once the regular school day begins.
“Their willingness to work at the highest level at the most challenging hours, sets them apart in their commitment, dedication, and musical excellence,” said Onishi. “Our students work hard in their classes and after school activities”
In addition to playing, students in the music program give back to the community through civic engagement each year by hosting canned food drives for the Lynnwood food bank.
“It makes me proud to work with students who are so eager to learn new things and want to give back to our community,” Onishi said.
Lynnwood High School students also host a Broadway Musical every other year to showcase their talents. This year, students performed Music Man, Directed by Lynnwood High School Music Director Amy Stevenson, with melodies played by the programs award winning musical pit orchestra.
“It’s inspiring to see students work so hard in the classroom each day and put in the extra hours outside of class time for rehearsal and civic engagement activities,” said Stevenson. “I love working with our music students.”
The music program is currently on display at Inspirus Credit Union. Community members and fans are welcome to visit the Lynnwood branch location to learn more about the music program.
To view Lynnwood High School’s Music Program on display, visit Inspirus Credit Union at 3405 188th ST. SW, #201, Lynnwood, WA 98037.

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