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Students paint the canvas of their futures

Highline College students gather around at networking event

Students paint the canvas of their futures

Highline College students gather around at networking event
SEATTLE, WASH. – As graduation season approaches, college students across the nation prepare to turn the page to the next chapter in life.
In June, nearly three million students nationwide are expected to graduate with associates and bachelor’s degrees from colleges and universities, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.
For thousands of students graduating from Highline College, including degrees in Art and Design, graduation is another accomplishment added to their portfolio.
“The art program at Highline College is so unique because of the opportunity our program provides students,” said Highline College Art and Design Program Manager Tamara Hilton. “We focus on giving students the skills and experience needed to develop to their full creative potential and fulfill their dreams.”
When students graduate from Highline’s art and design program, they leave with the skills to embark on various career pathways to gain work experience and establish sustainable jobs. On May 23, students have a unique opportunity to network with industry professionals before graduation, in partnership with Seattle-based Inspirus Credit Union. Creating opportunities to connect with industry professionals is one of the most powerful ways to transition towards career goals.
“At Inspirus, we believe in the power of education,” said Inspirus Credit Union President Scott Adkins. “Our partnership with the art program at Highline provides opportunities for students because we’re able to connect them with business professionals through the community display in our branch, and Inspirus is proud to be part of that integral connection.”
Highline College’s art program allows students to choose from five creative industry career paths to fulfill their creative potential – including careers in Drafting Design, Fine Art, Interior Design, Multimedia Design, and Visual Communication. Each of the pathways is selected to reflect job demand and is designed to cater towards industry trends as technology evolves. Highline provides students in Washington State a cost-effective way to obtain two-and four-year degrees in a program that interests them while offering the latest technology and computer software.
“I chose to attend Highline College because of their art program,” said Highline College art student Benjamin Niu. “Art has been my passion since I was very young, and when I graduate in June, I look forward to starting a graphic design company of my own where I can make other people’s dreams become a reality.”
Inspirus Credit Union is showcasing student artwork from the Art & Design Program at Highline College. Handmade pottery, hand drawn art, digital design renderings, and multimedia video animation fills the space at Inspirus. Community members are welcome to visit Inspirus and view the artwork created by Highline College students, located at 5200 Southcenter Blvd., Tukwila.
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