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About Inspirus Credit Union

Where banking benefits education.

Inspirus History

When Seattle math and journalism teacher Robert J. Handy founded the credit union in 1936, the idea of a financial institution owned and operated by the people who saved there was a new (and some said radical) concept. The Washington Legislature had legalized credit unions only two years earlier.
The credit union first set up shop at a small desk in the Education Department at the Seattle Public Library. To get the word out, Mr. Handy typed the first Bulletin on a mimeograph master, ran off copies, and distributed them via principals’ boxes at the Central Office.
Despite what must have seemed like long odds, the credit union met milestone after milestone: extending membership statewide in 1949; reaching $1 million in assets by 1952; and ranking as the state’s second-largest credit union by 1960.
Today, members trust us with over $1 billion in assets. Although a lot has changed since 1936, one thing remains the same: our members are the reason we’re here, and we’re honored to serve them.


Inspirus Credit Union demonstrates a passion for education that transcends everything that we do. By building and sustaining lifelong financial relationships with members who share our passion, we will make a difference in education.


Inspirus Credit Union will be an irreplaceable financial services organization valued most for its contributions to education.